Re: modules that need releasing

On 25Sep2001 12:43PM (-0400), Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Hi,
> At least the following modules need releasing so that parallel install
> works:
>  ORBit stable
>  ORBit2 
>  bonobo stable
>  bonobo-activation
>  bonobo-config
>  gnome-libs stable
>  gnome-vfs stable
>  gnome-vfs unstable
>  libart_lgpl
>  libbonobo
>  libgnome
>  libgnomeui
>  libzvt
> gnome-vfs still has issues with the MIME files and the MIME man page.
> I still haven't gotten to gnome-print, so it may still need fixing. 
> I also haven't done bonobo-config stable/unstable.

I expect all the 2.0 versions will be released in time for the
alpha. For the stable versions we should try to make releases at the
very least in time for GNOME 1.4.1.

 - Maciej

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