Re: libsoup as a replacement for gnome-http

On Wed, Sep 19, 2001 at 12:48:28PM -0400, Alex Graveley wrote:
> I'm fine with this, but are people okay with not having an official HTTP
> library?

I don't think we need an official HTTP library - certainly not one that has
the flexibility of gnome-http or libsoup. We have enough basic support in
the platform already (through gnome-vfs and libxml) for most needs. If an
application has specialised HTTP requirements then we should encourage them
to use a library that integrates well with the platform (such as libsoup).

I would like to move gnome-vfs to use some external HTTP implementation such
as libsoup or neon at some point. Perhaps once gnome-2.0 is frozen we can
work out how hard it would be to make a sync version of the soup calls so 
that it can integrate nicely with the GnomeVFS job system.


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