Introducing the GNOME 2.0 Release Team

Hi everyone,

With Martin's departure, and with the help of the Board, a number of
volunteers have fleshed out and helped to reorganize the GNOME 2.0
Release Team. Instead of having some number of general-purpose
"coordinators" plus some specialists, we decided to break down the
work into specific roles, and assign everyone one or more of these.

The official information on this was buried in our minutes, but I'd
like to take a moment to introduce the members of the team personally,
so you won't be surprised when you here from them. Here is the team so
far (in alphabetical order):

John Fleck        - Documentation Coordinator
Jody Goldberg     - GNOME Office Coordiantor
Jamin P. Gray     - GNOME Fifth Toe Coordinator
Karl Gaffney      - QA Coordinator
Telsa Gwynne      - co-Bugmeister
Gregory Leblanc   - Packaging Coordinator
Kjartan Maraas    - co-Bugmeister and I18N Coordinator
Michael Meeks     - Technical Coordinator
Seth Nickell      - HI Coordinator
Maciej Stachowiak - Project Manager and Chair
Sander Vesik      - Release Engineer and Apps Coordinator
Jeff Waugh        - PR Coordinator and Secretary

You can expect Jeff to provide a lot of information on the web and by
email, and also to regularly send out the minutes of our weekly
release meetings. Later we will probably add someone to the team to
help write a press release and manage formal media contacts.

Telsa and Kjartan, our Bugmeisters will be paying careful attention to
Bugzilla. They'll try to keep on top of the set of release-critical
bugs, and help keep bugzilla organized.

In his role as Release Engineer, Sander will handle much of the
overall release mechanics and help us come up with a good process for
the release.

Most of the area coordinators will be paying close attention to their
areas of responsibility, organizing cross-project efforts, and making
sure important bugs affecting their area are noted and do not slip
through the cracks. For example, Karl will head up the testing effort
and make sure bugs discovered by testers are tracked appropriately,
while Michael will focus on critical technical/infrastructure issues
that affect the platform as a whole. I'm sure you can figure out the
rest from their titles.

I, as Project Manager, will be sending out schedule updates, harassing
people to submit packages, worrying about late projects, and generally
being a pest.

Thanks to all of these folks for volunteering. I'd also like to thank
Daniel Veillard who helped us get the team organized and is making
sure we follow good process.



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