Minutes of the GNOME 2.0 Release Team Meeting - 2001/09/14

Minutes of the GNOME 2.0 Release Team Meeting - 2001/09/14

Today, Ireland and much of Europe conducted a day of mourning as a mark of
respect for our American friends. We conducted this meeting on IRC as it was
difficult to organise the conference call at this time.


Maciej Stachowiak (chair)
Jeff Waugh (minutes)
Jody Golberg
Jamin Gray
Telsa Gwynne
Greg Leblanc
Dan Mueth
Sander Vesik
Daniel Veillard

Missing or regrets

Karl Gaffney
Kjartan Marass
Michael Meeks
Seth Nickell

Previous actions

  ACTION: Sander to set up weekly phone conferences
    => In progress

  ACTION: Dan to ask John Fleck about Docs coordinator duties
    => Done, no news as yet


  ACTION: Maciej, Sander and Telsa to write up a detailed schedule for
    discussion next meeting (due Tuesday, 2001/09/18)

  ACTION: Sander to post platform libraries list for comments (ASAP)

  ACTION: Maciej to determine frozen libraries and gather lists of pending
    changes (after discussion of the platform libraries)

  ACTION: Maciej to announce platform alpha release dates

  ACTION: Jeff to contact Christian Marillat regarding Debian packages
    => Done, Christian is waiting on some other packages, will be working
    around them in the mean time

Decisions & Discussions

  - Overall schedule should take into account the six weeks of slippage
	we've had already, which puts the release at about January 20.

  - Will include all release dates, package due dates, freeze dates, etc.,
	and will be drafted by small team: Maciej, Sander and Telsa.

  - Michael should be involved, but is on holidays for this week.

  - Will be very hard to stop changes leading up to release, must have
	layered and documented approach.

  - We should finalise list of platform libraries, mark frozen libraries,
	and request list of pending API changes for others.

  - Perhaps developers should request additional API changes through release
	team, "approved bug numbers" system.

  - Bottom layer of libraries critical, changes there may filter up.

  - Platform alpha can and should be released with not-quite-frozen

  - 48 hours due-date to platform alpha release turnaround, discussion of
	packaging issues.

Future items

  - Kickstarting GNOME 2.0 applications list

  - Avoiding mirror/ftp catastrophe of GNOME 1.4 release

- Jeff

  "NASCAR is not race per se. It's just a contest about who can turn left   
                            the best." - Unknown                            

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