Time to say goodbye for the next 4 months

Hi guys,

today is clearly not a day to party or to be happy - but anyways,
it's finally the last day in my GNOME life for the next 4 months,
so it's getting time to say goodbye ....

Before all those terrible things happened in New York and Washington,
I wrote in guile-gobject's release notes that I'm looking forward to
the weekend, partying in Berlin - I don't think this weekend can be
fun or a party, but I need some distance from everything and from my
former life as GNOME hacker, so I'll take the train anyways, I really
need some kind of weekend before I can start learning.

At this point, I'd like to thank all of you who supported my in my
decision and who wished my good luck for the university - it was
really to work with all of you guys !

However, at a memorial day like today, I don't want to get too
melancholy - there are really much bigger problems on this planet.

So, see you guys in about 4 months !

Martin Baulig
martin gnome org

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