Re: libgnomecanvas build problem

> > However, quite often systems libraries and their headers are not warning
> > clean. This is one major reason why I stopped compiling Nautilus builds
> > during it's development.
> You decided to stop compiling Nautilus rather than configuring with
> --disable-more-warnings?

Yes, because a) half the time it never worked and I ended up editing
and b) I often just use !./con or !./au which if I was making something
locally that didn't need stupid warnings I wouldn't have in the history.

> > * Again, this can also be an argument for you adding -Werror to your own
> > code, but in my experience, the only people it hurts are the people who
> > either don't have the skills, the time, or the impetus to fix up
> > warnings and just want to compile the thing, so they can get on with
> > their own stuff.
> How do we reconcile your experiences with my experiences, where projects
> that  I've worked on with the equivalent of -Werror had fewer problems
> overall? What takes this out of the realm of personal preference and into
> the realm of "you right, me wrong"?

If the lead developer(s) are using -Werror then yes, I accept there will
be fewer problems, however, you can still have the -Werror turned on and
keep that warning count at ~0(*) without forcing the pedantry on me.
There is nothing, really, that takes it out of that realm, but,
potential users and potential developers are not people you want to piss


(*) See my previously meantioned gnome-libs problem.

"It isn't rebels who cause the troubles of the world, 
it's the troubles that cause the rebels." - Carl Oglesby

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