librsvg breakage

In a fit of frustration at not being able to do a lot with librsvg, I
rewrote the public headers tonight to be much more useful.  This will
break code that previously used librsvg (though I'd argue that such was
already broken with the previous API (-: ).

Anyway, it is now supports GError, supports pushing data (rather then
just reading from a FILE*), scaling by different factors in the
horizontal and vertical case, target width/height, has a general
increase in robustness (error checking!) and has docs to boot.
Additionally, it's much closer to other Po's in use (like
GdkPixbufLoader).  I didn't touch the rsvg-ft stuff, so if you were
using that it is unchanged.

At some point, it needs moving to the magic gtk-doc, and
adding to the d.g.o API docs.  That's not going to happen tonight,
though. (-:


>  LocalWords:  GdkPixbufLoader rsvg

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