Re: include <liblongfoobar/liblongfoobar.h>

Hi Havoc,

On 7 Sep 2001, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Typically you want namespacing for the files on disk, and for the
> #include line in the C file. e.g. "#include <tree.h>" like libxml used
> to have = bad even if tree.h is in a subdir on the filesystem.

        Dude ! tell me about it :-) I do appreciate that namespacing is
neccessary - and it would be _Really_ good (DV ?) if we could kill the
libxml abomination of having tree.h, parser.h etc. in the global include

        Daniel; now we're committing to Gnome 2.0 - and given that there
are header changes neccessary to move anyway - can we remove the
sub-include in the pkg-config file ? that would make me super happy.

> However in this case libgnomecanvas.h may already be unique enough,
> it's not tree.h.

        Clearly - that's the point; we just needlessly double-namespace,
and some namespaces are long 'libgnomeprintui' etc. I'd like to get rid of
that where possible, even if it means having 2 libgnomeui.h's.



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