Re: [GNOME VFS] Merging libgnomevfs and libgnomevfs-pthread

On 04Sep2001 01:44PM (-0700), Ian McKellar wrote:
> On 02 Sep 2001 16:32:56 -0700, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> > 
> > Given the recent discussion on shared library proliferation, I think
> > for GNOME 2.0 these libraries should be merged. There is no real
> > reason to keep them separate. This may even help cut down on exports,
> > since symbols exported by one that are only used by the other would
> > not have to be exported at all.
> > 
> > Comments?
> My only concern would have been adding pthread as a firm dependancy when
> it might not be necesarry, but everyone has pthread support these days
> so I can't imagine it being a problem. 

libgnomevfs basically requires libgnomevfs-pthread anyway right
now. So I don't think this would make the situation any worse.

> Perhaps at some point we can remove some of that strange abstraction
> we have for different async models.

There's a bug filed for this in eazel bugzilla: 8517 -[API] kill back-end API

It was mentioned in the email I sent of gnome-vfs API issues and I had
it on the suggested list for 2.0.

By the way, I just noticed that there is a gnome-vfs product in GNOME
bugzilla as well, and it has a different set of bugs than the eazel
one, although there are some (separately filed) duplicates. This is
really confusing.

I'll try to sort out the dups once the eazel bugs get moved over.

 - Maciej

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