Re: Our (real) problems

> > 	For control aggregates and out of proc. components we set the imortal
> > flag on the aggregate. This effectively makes ref / unrefs a no-op;
> > consequently ref counting has no effect. Instead we track the linc
> > connection on the exposed interfaces and listen for the "broken" signal
> > - and slave the lifecycle to the domain socket breaking.
> > 
> > 	So for the factory we terminate when all our controls die.
> > 
> This is a good step forward (basically the same thing as the current
> workaround in Nautilus for this problem).
> But what about out of process non-gui components, like the Evolution
> wombat server, or config monikers or other stuff of that sort?

Why, is the "broken" signal tied to X? Can't you get the same thing for
non-X stuff by just pinging the other side of the connection every now
and then? If you get an EPIPE, it's dead. The remote server doesn't even
need to ack the ping.

-- Dan

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