Re: Another suggested libgnome API change

On 03Sep2001 11:51PM (-0400), Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Jonathan Blandford <jrb redhat com> writes:  
> > Something like?
> > #define g_spawn_async_simple(char **argv, error) \
> >         g_spawn_async (NULL, argv, NULL, G_SPAWN_SEARCH_PATH, NULL, NULL, NULL, error)
> > 
> Something like that. I wouldn't search path probably; that's off by
> default in g_spawn because we want people to think about whether it's
> a security issue. So it should probably be off by default here as
> well.

Make it a function, not a macro. Macros suck. An extra function call
when launching a new process is lost in the noise.

 - Maciej

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