bonobo-activation 0.9.1

Available at:

This release is 100% API frozen for GNOME2, barring horrific
unforeseen circumstances (it's actually been frozen a while, I just
never got around to making the release).

New in this release:

* Made the tests pass (Maciej)
* FreeBSD build fixes (Theo van Klaveren)
* Build fixes (Darin)
* Use some anal warning flags (Maciej)
* Use ORBit2 IDL dependency generation (Maciej)
* Build fixes (Darin, George, Martin)
* Use g_qsort_with_data and remove qsort_ex (Darin)
* Use G_BEGIN_DECLS / G_END_DECLS on all headers (Darin)
* Use g_message instead of g_warning for debugging information (Martin)
* Split private interfaces into separate IDL files, and avoid
installing headers built from those IDL files (Maciej, Darin)
* bonobo-slay updated from stable oaf's oaf-slay (Michael)
* Look for .server files in lib/bonnobo/servers (Michael)
* OpenBSD build fixes (<smallm world std com>)
* Assorted cleanup (Darin)
* Doc build fixes (Mark McLoughlin)

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