new libglade release out

I just uploaded a new development libglade tarball. Michael can take credit for most of the improvements to the libglade-convert script.

This version doesn't include the bonoboui or gnomeui support modules any more -- they are in the respective modules The glade_init() call is now optional, as it is called by glade_require() and glade_xml_class_init() now, which should make libglade intialise lazily. If a widget's get_type() routine has been called (ie. its type has been registered with glib), libglade can construct it from .glade files using the generic widget build routines. The API of the function used to register helper routines for a widget has changed a bit. This doesn't affect apps using libglade though.

This release is available from the pre-gnome2 subdirectory on


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