Re: adding deps to libgnomecanvas

Michael Meeks wrote:

Hi Havoc,

On 26 Oct 2001, Havoc Pennington wrote:

The correct fix is to have a libglade equivalent in GTK itself, but
that was rightly punted from 2.0.

       Quite - this is really why we feel safe moving libglade well down
the library dependency hierarchy.

libglade isn't large, I don't think it's hurting anything. It's maybe
70K or so. If we only init the Glade module in libgnomecanvas lazily,
you only pay if you use it.

       Sure - the distributed modules are fine; we just need some
marginal way to disable libglade support in the canvas for now, until the
canvas is shipped on every system and Tim can depend on the system version
instead :-) that is - until beast is built into an embedded system.

As I said in private mail, in the case of GnomeCanvas, we don't need any widget construction routines specific to the canvas (the generic construction routine is used). Because libglade can now handle arbitrary widget types that have been registered with the type system, a call to gnome_canvas_get_type() will be sufficient to construct canvas widgets.

The other part of the libglade support in gnome-canvas is the call:

This is used by libglade to handle dynamic loading of widget construction routines. If we decide that GnomeCanvas using glade files shouldn't contain a line like:
 <requires lib="canvas" />

Then the glade support in libgnomecanvas can be removed completely (only GnomeCanvas's type need be registered).


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