Re: new glib/gtk+ release request ...

Michael Meeks <michael ximian com> writes:

> 	It looks like amazing work has been happening on Gtk+, and that
> the open API bug count is plummeting nicely :-) so it'd be good to try and
> claw as much back off our release schedule as possible - if everyone is
> agreeable with that.
> 	In that vein, would it be possible to have another tentatively
> API frozen release of glib, pango, atk, gtk+ so we can get a beta / alpha
> package set out for people to build on ? indeed, is it possible at this
> stage to predict what bits of the API are hard frozen ? - the remaining
> bugs look as if they might have limited API impact.

I'm beginning work on 1.3.10 now; I suspect we'll have it out by the 
end of the day tomorrow (I want to do candidate tarballs for this one,
so we can get a bit broader testing for compilation.)

I don't think declaring anything special about frozeness for this release
makes too much sense, especially as we should have real frozeness at
the end of the month (1 more week).

But yes, things are basically pretty nailed down in almost all areas.
The places where there are still uncertainty are really:

 - Keyboard handling (the 4 accel group bugs on the API Freeze milestone,
   plus dealing with the open keynav bugs.)
 - Size allocation. (no real API changes, but some possible semantic
   changes that could affect people, especially those doing marginal

When we get those issues straightened out, we can get down to a straight
run at fixing bugs, tuning performance, and releasing.


[ Could you Cc: mail of this nature to gtk-devel-list in the future?
  Many GTK+ contributors won't be on gnome-2-0-list. Cc'ing to
  timj gtk org directly also is a good idea. ]

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