"gnomehide" RPMs available


I've put a big pile of RPMs up for download, including the whole
platform alpha, and updates to the stable library packages to support
parallel install:


These packages won't work on 7.1; read the README for details on the
system dependencies.

Installing these packages will let you compile gnome-core and such,
without having to build all the libraries. I'll try to update the
packages as often as I can.

As a special bonus, there's an Evolution 0.15 package in there as well.

These packages are unsupported and unstable; they aren't even in
Rawhide yet. If they break, you get both pieces. Or more likely
there's only one piece to begin with. ;-)

That said, feel free to send me mail about packaging errors in these
packages. Also, let me know if any packages seem to be missing.


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