On User Interface, again..

Hi all,
hope this time a got the right ones,

i'm using Gnome for quite a while now, and i like it. But, to be
honest,I don't know why i like it. Perhaps 'cause im like fantasy-stuff,
and keep imaging that little gnome working behind my windows.

I truely don't know. But what i know is, that is isn't because of
beautyness and the style of gnome. kde wins here, three thumbs up. when
i first heard sun's usability-project i jumped and expected major ui
changes for the next gnome. now i am afraid that these hopes were just

People expect major changes for Gnome 2.0. These changes are here, for
the underlying libraries, for gtk, pango and so on. But from what i
heard until now, not for the UI.

I dont have much experience in programming. I can code c, i even
programed some gtk-applications and some stupid little sdl-games, but
thats it. I see gnome from a user-perspecive. and from this perspecive
gnome is a bis... well.. disappointing. gtkText and gtkTree will change.
But the new text-selector wont get into gnome 2.0 and all other things
(i'm a user, remeber. no develpoer) will stay as they are.
Don't do that. Don't disappoint the user base.

Now you can call me a lamer and a f** son of a bitch and tell me to lern
english instead of writing stupid mails.

You all made a good gnome, anyway.

Raphael Bosshard

ps. Gnome needs a mascot. Perhaps a gnome.

pps. To Steven Browne, Sun: Sorry for disturbing you... Won't happen
again. ;)

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