Re: control center 2.0

Iain <iain ximian com> writes: 
> We need volunteers, and we need a list of "user visible changes that are
> going to be in GNOME 2", so people can pick one and work on it.
> And we *really* do need user visible changes, otherwise, that register
> article will come true.

It'll also come true if we can't get a release out on time. I think
the way out of this dilemma is to go for easy-to-implement
mostly-cosmetic user-visible changes, and also changes that we get
free with the platform (such as key navigation). There are also lots
of low-hanging-fruit UI tweaks that could be made.

Since the control center is mostly rewritten already, I'd say it's a
good candidate for our biggest user-visible change. I wouldn't mind
seeing that as a focus of the release from a UI standpoint.


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