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fre 2001-11-30 klockan 17.11 skrev Havoc Pennington:
> John Fleck <jfleck inkstain net> writes:
> > 
> > Based on conversations with Jonathan and Mikael, I think Yelp is
> > doable and should be our choice.
> > 
> Before saying it's doable I'd like to see someone saying they are the
> ones that are doing it. ;-) Do we have commitment from the GtkHTML2
> guys to freeze for stabilization and have it good enough for this app
> in GNOME 2 timeframe, and do Mikael and Jonathan have time to do this
> themselves or are they saying "it could be done by someone"?
> i.e. let's get names next to all the critical tasks...
> Havoc
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When I said it was doable (Yelp that is, not talking about GtkHTML2) I
ment that I would do it. (hopefully with help from others of course).

I'm currently updating the TODO-list for it based on a discussion with
jfleck on IRC. Patanjali has already started hacking on man/info support
for Yelp and Malcom showed interest in helping hacking on it.

This is a summary of the things I think has to be done to Yelp to make
it usable:

* Index-search (keyword search). I've been told that ScrollKeeper CVS
  has support for this, it should be used in Yelp.

* Support man/info (currently being implemented, or already done just 
  not commited by Patanjali).

* Support for external links (if a link points outside the documents the
  prefered web browser should be started to handle this).

* Generate HTML-indexes for sections without a document (when opening a 
  node in the tree, if that node doesn't have a document connected to it
  a HTML page should be generated, to allow the user to browse only in 
  the HTML widget).

Might be a few more things that needs fixing.

The GtkHTML2 issue is a completly different. The problem is that Anders
and Jonas doesn't have time to hack on it. Don't know how much work the
Sun guys will do for stability when they are making it accessible. 

I think that feature wise it's probably enough (though in-doc search
would be nice).

  Mikael Hallendal (going back to hack some on Yelp right away).

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