Re: Patch has been committed, but there are outstanding files including files they shouldn't.

On 18Nov2001 07:59AM (-0500), Owen Taylor wrote:
> Yes, these all need to be fixed as well. (Especially the
> gnometypebuiltins.h use)
> Because these didn't show cause errors, they are actually all useless
> includes and probably should just be removed, though that is somewhat
> up to the taste of the module maintainer. For gdk-pixbuf-loader.c, I
> just removed the include there.
> I guess we need to move the invalid include checks _outside_ the
> repeated include guards to catch cases like this ... but I'll give you
> some time to fix these before I do that.

What's the reason for the invalid include checks? Couldn't the headers
all be made self-contained and directly includable? It can be awkward
to work with systems that don't want you to include certain headers
directly or want them included in a particular order.



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