Re: Panel Status - GNOME 2.0

Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Hi,
> Bill, Sander, I'm not sure what you guys are arguing about. ;-)
> We need the panel to be made to work, including the accessibility
> part. For that to happen someone needs to go in there and make the
> necessary changes. That will happen at the time that someone makes
> those changes. I don't think anyone will say "noooo! you may not hack
> the panel!!!" at any point.

I hope you're right, in which case I am not so worried.  I agree that
there are areas of basic functionality that are higher priority than
accessibility, I am only worried that given the amount of punting going
on, people are prepared to ignore panel accessibility altogether, or
insist on a freeze as soon as the panel mostly works without crashing. 
(Maciej, I understand your point about other things blocking, as well,
and probably am 80% in agreement with you).

> So, the issue here is when we can get someone to do the accessibility
> work. I would suggest that there are two stages of work: we need a
> volunteer to make a description of how the panel works with regard to
> keynav, accessibility etc. (a spec), and then we need a volunteer to
> do the implementation. So we are blocking on need for these two
> volunteers, not on anything else.

Oh, what I wouldn't do for two volunteers... ;-)

Sounds like Calum and I can do the first one, with a little input from
people who know what sawfish reasonably can and can't do at the moment. 
I have offered to help Glynn and Mark with the panel, but obviously have
limited time to spend on it.  Marc Mulcahy can probably join forces with
them as well, I will ask him.

> There's probably plenty of time before GNOME 2 to do the accessibility
> work, it looks like Mark already has the panel basically coming on
> screen and so forth.
> Havoc

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