Some questions

Hi everybody,

	I have been trying to understand the nature of work involved in
making libgnome1-compat work and in the process, some questions have been
dancing around in my head.

	Just to understand what we are trying to do better, I am going to
make some really misinformed statements in the hope I get lots of nice
answers :-)

	(All modules mentioned are from CVS HEAD)

	* AFAIK, gnome-libs HEAD was split into libgnome, libgnomeui and

	* A number of things in libgnome and libgnomeui are now deprecated
and all these have been moved (not done yet fully I gather) to
libgnome1-compat/libgnome and libgnome1-compat/libgnomeui.

	* libgnome1-compat is to help apps written against the 1.x API
compile on the GNOME 2 platform. Is this what we mean by source-compatible
release ?

	* Apps like the ones mentioned above to have make a few minor
changes in the headers they use and presto, they build fine on GNOME 2

	* Anything not moved to libgnome1-compat from libgnome[ui] is API
compatible with GNOME 1.x ??

	* After all the deprecated stuff has been moved to
libgnome1-compat, all the code has to be ported to GTK+ 2.0

	* Stuff already provided in Bonobo or GTK+ 2.0 should necessarily
be deprecated and moved into the compat library ?

	* libzvt - needs to be ported to GTK+ 2.0 and written to depend on
the new libgnome, libgnomeui. Not libgnome1-compat, right ?

	* Where in the world does libgnomebase fit into all this ?

	Hoping to hear soon how wrong I am,

			Ravi ;-)

"If you're smart, you'll be humble. There always is somebody
who hasn't read a book and knows twice as much as you do."

              -- David Duchonvy in Readers' Digest

	Ravi Pratap M         <ravi che iitm ac in>

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