building gnome 2.0

or rather, building the various existing components that work in gnome-2.0

This is not meant to be *THE* klist - it is probably not exhastive, does
not caontain everything and may have also have other flaws. It doesn't
list anything that doesn't build.


	* autoconf 2.13 (only newish version that actually appears to
	  work), automake 1.4-p1 [1] and libtool 1.4

	* gettext - esp. as various files do really dodgy
	  things relying like on the presence of m4 macros provided by

	* freetype-2.0.1+ - needed to get a pango installation that 
	  libgnomecanvas is happy with

	* pkg-config 0.7.0

	* m4 macros from the HEAD of the cvs module gnome-common

	* the environment variable CERTIFIED_GNOMIE must be set to a
	  non-empty string

in all cases, building should be possible by doing the following:
	./ --prefix=/gnome/goes/here --disable static
	make install

the exception is ORBit-martin-forked that is not happy if presented with

Then build (no dependancies inside groups):

	* glib
	* pango
	* atk
	* gnome-xml
	* orbit [2]

	* libxslt
	* gtk+
	* oaf 
	* gconf
	* libart_lgpl
	* libgnomebase

	* gnome-vfs [3]
	* libgnomecanvas
	* libbonobo

	* libgnome
	* libbonoboui
	* libzvt
	* libbonobo-config

	* libgnomeui

	* libgnome1-compat

[1] Tends to create circular dependancies from time to time but is needed
and automake head might not work at all

[2] Pick an orbit - you can choose between ORBit-martin-forked and ORBit2.
In case you picked ORBit2, you are going to need 

[3] Does not work with gtkwindow.h rev 1.41 due to use of -Werror, it is
fixed since.

If you want to be able to do 'make dist' you need to have gtk-doc which is
another whole kettle of fish.


One day a tortoise will learn to fly
	-- Terry Pratchett, 'Small Gods'

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