Re: Autoconf 2.50b is now required for GNOME 2 (resent)

Martin Baulig <martin home-of-linux org> writes:

> [Ooops, accidentally had a wrong References: header in this mail,
>  so sending it again.]
> Hi guys,
> since nobody really objected to this and a few people even told
> me to commit my autoconf patches, we now require autoconf 2.50b
> everywhere for GNOME 2.
> You can get this autoconf from either or from

I never saw a response from you about the possibility of supporting
both this and the normal autoconf. Did I just miss it?

Also, requiring something from strikes me as a bad
idea. I'd be very, very, very hesitant to accept patches for Glib/GTK+
that did this.


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