Re: Outsanding GLib/GTK+ API bugs

Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com> writes:

> Here's the remaining open API bugs, that we need to resolve in some
> fashion before freezing the API
> Misc GTK+
> =========
> 56916 GtkModule fixes
>   Notes:    Not really API issues, but affects how downstream stuff works
>   Puntable: 
>   Breakage: No
>   Time:     1 hour
> 59027 shadow vs. shadow_type properties
>   Notes: Question here is how to handle deprecated properties ... 
>   Puntable:
>   Breakage:   
>   Time: 5 minutes

There is one unmentioned issue with the DND implementation that
just came to my mind again:

It's currently not possible to check if a DND operation failed because
the thing was dropped over "nothing" (not over a target) *or* because
the user aborted the drag by pressing escape.

In GIMP we drag around dialogs and create new ones if they were not
dropped over a dialog accepting target.

The annoying part is that the "drag_end" signal, where the
unsuccessful drop is detected, is emitted *after* Gtk+ did the
animation which indicates that the drop failed.

Would it be possible to make this either configurable or depending
on the return value of the "drag_end" handler or whatever :)

It may be sufficient to emit the signal before showing the animation
and being able to call gdk_drop_reply (context, TRUE, time); in the


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