Re: why bonobo-config

On 29 Aug 2001, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> There are plenty of significant GNOME hackers that are not on board
> with the CORBA-everywhere plans that you have.  Personally I think we
> should be focusing on the end-user desktop.  Creating the ultimate
> CORBA-based app framework is interesting, but I don't think it's what
> GNOME should be about right now.

	I think it's about striking the right balance. It's certainly not
possible to push a CORBA everywhere kind of thing in the current

> Some people want to make nice apps with a good UI that work, and fix
> problems such as xalf, cut-and-paste, keyboard navigation, control
> center, etc. - the API churn caused by the push for CORBA everywhere
> just gets in the way. Look at all the posts here where people say "I
> don't give a damn about GConf vs. bonobo-config, I just want to know
> which one to use."

	A very valid point. Losing sight of this should not happen. After
all, I know the end-user in my computing facility thinks GNOME sucks for a
variety of reasons - keyboard navigation etc etc.

	Cleaning up our platform and moving to an object model [ CORBA ]
is as important as getting the end-user experience right.

	It's all about the balance see. Not just clean or unclean APIs
which have a whole range os issues people want to discuss all the time ;)



"If you're smart, you'll be humble. There always is somebody
who hasn't read a book and knows twice as much as you do."

              -- David Duchovny in Readers' Digest

	Ravi Pratap M         <ravi che iitm ac in>

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