Re: libgnome* status

I missed this in my initial response:

Anders Carlsson <andersca gnu org> writes:

> Stuff that needs doing:
> -----------------------
> *  finish gnomedruid stuff, includes API changes (jrb)
>    (not a requirement for 2.0, but a would-be-nice)

   * not puntable; GnomeDruidPage{Start,Finish} compat #defines, deprecated

> *  bring back gnome-score (non-deprecated)

I could be convinced to move this into gnome-games.  Anyone else have

>    HEAD versions have slightly different API. George also added most of the
>    GtkEditable interface to them, so that there is a consistent way of
>    accessing them as entries (except the GnomeIconEntry which is not an
>    entry)  In any case current usage of GnomeEntry, GnomeFileEntry and
>    GnomePixmapEntry should pretty much just compile and work.  IconEntry
>    did not in fact work in gnome 1.0 (try pressing the cancel button after
>    selecting an icon in the 1.0 version)  And solving this required actual
>    API changes.  All of these now have a "changed" signal so getting the
>    underlying entry is (except in rare occasions) not needed.

This might be on crack, though it's pretty harmless.


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