Re: libgnome* status

Anders Carlsson <andersca gnu org> writes:

> * gnome-preferences is used in bonoboui.  This is utterly broken, this is a
>   stupid and fairly useless API that should be replaced in code by code that
>   actually waits for notification and does gui changes and such.  This API
>   doesn't allow that.  It was marked to be deprecated in 1999, but somehow
>   survived and in fact changed homes to be in libgnome.  This is why it was
>   not yet punted.  I'd suggest bonobo stop using this API and do this the
>   correct way (get the keys directly, and watch for notification).  And we
>   should then put this API out of it's misery.

A schema is an API too.  BonoboWidget should just use bonobo-conf.
GnomeApp should just use gconf.  Lets kill this from the C-api where
it's totally inappropriate, and just install a Schema file.


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