The Gnome-libs wars: The kinda happy ending

Hi Knights of the Bloody Table,
I think it is apparent that we can reach a conclusion here by reasoning,
the problem is not really as technical as it is questions of preferences
and visions. 

In Norway we have something we call horse trading and that is when
politicians trade support for two unrelated issues making a majority for
both where the really is not a majority for any of them.

I think that is what we should do here to. We have two contended issues
and that is the placement of old ugly stuff and the use of
bonobo-config. So since Anders is the maintainer now I suggest he gets
to choose which of these he wants to win and which he concedes.
That way everyone both lose and win some. If nothing else you can always
take some comfort in that the 'other side' probably is as happy/unhappy
as yourself at the solution.

Long term I hope everyone looked at the suggestion from Dave to focus
more on development of GNOME the desktop for a while. We have for a long
long time now focused almost entirely on the development plattform with
Nautilus being the only big change in a long time.  I am pretty sure
that things like Jacobs new and improved file-selector will bring us 10
times the number of happy and or new users than the two issues we have
been fighting our will. If we do a deal to get these two issues out of
the way for the time being and instead focus on making all our
applications and tools really take advantage of all the new possibilites
the GNOME 2.0 plattform offers I think GNOME 2.0 will be much more
successfull then if we just focus on adding new frosting to the
development plattform and let the desktop stay almost identical.

We should also try and sit down at GUADEC 3 and really try and find a
shared vision for GNOME 2.2,...,3.0 maybe by finding out what we all
need to see happen for Pax Bonobo to be declared.

So please lets focus on preparing to beat up our neighbours instead of
spending all the energy on domestic violence.


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