Re: why bonobo-config

On Wed, Aug 29, 2001 at 09:11:16PM +0200, Rodrigo Moya wrote:
> I see a good reason for having all apps using bonobo-conf if libgnome
> does so. That's what I understood, that it was the "de-facto" way to
> access config.

It doesn't matter how you access the config, it depends what config you
access.  Since it was agreed to access the gconf backend of bonobo-conf,
then all apps should either use bonobo-conf with the gconf backend or gconf
itself.  What is important is what the user sees.  The user only sees what
gets stored.  It doesn't matter what API has been used.  We have thus
comitted ourselves to use gconf.  If or not there is an abstraction above
that is purely something the author should decide.

I personally will use GConf directly.  I like and will use Bonobo for other
things, but in terms of accessing the gconf storage I find gconf itself a
better API.  And a more clear API to read.

No matter what libgnome* is using, apps are still free to use whatever they
wish.  The only requirement is that if libgnome uses gconf to read in
preference settings then one must use gconf or the gconf monicker with
bonobo-conf to read it.


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