Re: Your gettext problem

El d_ 27 Aug 2001 23:58:57 +0200, Martin Baulig escribi_
> Hi Carlos,


> I looked at your test program and found a bug in it - after fixing the bug,
> everything works fine.
> - in, you need to set TEST_LOCALEDIR to the directory where it
>   actually installes your *.mo files - normally $(datadir)/locale
> - in the main() function of your program, you must call
>         setlocale (LC_ALL, "");
>         bindtextdomain (PACKAGE, TEST_LOCALEDIR);

I had bindtextdomain, but I sended you the wrong version :-(

My problem was that i forgot the setlocale call.


Now it works and also glade2 ;-)

> - you need to define `_' to use dgettext for your own strings, not gettext -
>   like this: #define _(String) dgettext(PACKAGE, string).
>   [FIXME: not 100% sure about this, but this made it work for me].

Yes, it works but I think that if I use textdomain (PACKAGE); I could
use gettext instead of dgettext, couldn't I?

Bye and excuse me.

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Carlos Perelló Marín
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