Re: why bonobo-config

On 29 Aug 2001, Rodrigo Moya wrote:


> it seems to me that we, GNOME hackers, don't learn from our past
> experiences :-( That is, when the GConf vs BonoboConfig war, we ended
> up, AFAIR, agreeing on using BonoboConfig for accessing the
> configuration, and there were some mails from many people agreeing on
> the commitment to Bonobo for the GNOME platform.

I can't let this pass - yes, there is a commitment to bonobo - and I have
not seen anybody dispute it. This is not the same as saying that whatever
comes along having bonobo in the name or happens to use bonobo is
therefore the correct answer. 

This does not follow. It is possible to have both good and bad bonobo
apis, but the xistsence of such or ackowleging the possibility is not the
same as sayoing bonobo the framework is bad.

> Now it seems all this is forgotten. So, it seems to me that unless we
> find a way for keeping the decisions for long, we'll continue losing a
> lot of time in this kind of discussions.
> cheers
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