Re: Interesting patch for linc

Hi Mark,

On Wed, 2001-08-29 at 03:48, Mark McLoughlin wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> ...
> 	This looks like a definite bug in your version of autoconf -
> a second AC_SUBST shouldn't be neccessary at all. Indeed, I'm using
> autoconf-2.52 and this works as expected. What version are you using?

autoconf 2.52, compiled myself from a tarball. I also have autoconf 2.13
installed in a different prefix... but it doesn't exhibit this problem.

Anyway, I guess this is something wacky with my local system. Never mind


Peter Williams     peter newton cx / peterw ximian com

"Why should I have to change my name? He's the one who 
sucks!"                              -- Michael Bolton

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