Re: Interesting patch for linc

Hi Peter,

On 28 Aug 2001, Peter Williams wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> 	I needed this patch to get my linc to compile; it's a bit interesting
> because it exposes a behavior change (bug?) in autoconf >= 2.50. It
> seems that
> 	VAR=value
> 	VAR=new_value
> 	@VAR@
> will give you 'value', not 'new_value'. I can't figure out why, but I
> figured I would give people a heads-up as this is a kind of odd thing
> that might cause lots of head-scratching some time later.

	This looks like a definite bug in your version of autoconf -
a second AC_SUBST shouldn't be neccessary at all. Indeed, I'm using
autoconf-2.52 and this works as expected. What version are you using?


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