Re: Is GNOME 2 dead ?

Okay so I get the subtle reference to "no code - no say".

I'm not asking for a say! I'm not saying use Gconf natively or use
bonobo-config (with or without the gconf: moniker).  I'm not suggesting
anyone use one or the other or infact either.

I was only pointing out that I don't believe that GNOME today fits in
with Havoc's "Everything will use GConf one way or another for a long
time to come" ideal.

I just don't believe everyone is on the same page wrt configuration.

I'm sorry for stirring the shit.  I'll shut up now and let you all get
on with it.


> 	So please do let me know if you have a phone call and sort the
> mess out by E-mail so I can applaud a bit. Sadly it also means I can't
> back up my considerable annoyance with the situation with chunks of code -
> for which I apologise.
> 	Sorry,
> 		Michael.

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