Re: Getting libgnome* into shape

George wrote:

> >         As long as there is no include gconf.h in the installed headers, I
> > can cope with this with a whole load of mental screaming about horrendous
> > lack of taste, and general brokenness; preferably no GErrors would be nice
> > as well.
> There are two pieces of API which are just as applicable to if you use GConf
> or if you're using bonobo_config with the gconf monicker.  (or not, they're
> just for getting paths).  They could be for all I care dropped as well.
> Else, it's actually bonobo-conf that's adding API to libgnome*, not the other
> way around.

Why does bonobo-config add a new API? Which one? bonobo-config simply uses an
(already) existing Bonobo interface.

- Dietmar

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