Re: Opinions on when to start Nautilus porting?

I have to agree here. Also, it will hopefully act discouragingly to
anybody wanting to break apis without an advance warning.

On 25 Aug 2001, Christian Schaller wrote:

> On Fri, 24 Aug 2001, Darin Adler wrote:
> > I know that Gimp porting to GNOME 2 is already underway. I also know
> > that there are problems in various platform libraries. I also remember
> > from GUADEC that Michael Meeks was particularly adamant that he didn't
> > want me starting to port Nautilus before the libraries were ready.
> > So, folks, any thoughts on when Ramiro and I (and the rest of the
> > gang)  should start porting Nautilus?
> Right away :) Actually I think we need something as heavy as Nautilus to
> begin porting to uncover the problems with the libraries. I mean GConf
> was out for a long long time, but it wasn't until Galeon now starting to
> use it that a lot of issues was found and resolved.
> Christian


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