ORBit 2.3.94

* What changed ?

	* Bugs
	    + Locking
		. deadlock fix in GIOP code (Martin)
		. object release deadlock fixed (Me)
	    + copy_value lifecycle fixes (Me)
	    + ORBit::IArguments sequence fix (Martin)
	    + handle unknown exception marshaling right (Me)
	    + lots of leaks nailed (Mark)
	    + fix new IDL related bugs (Mark, Me, Dirk-Jan)
	    + generic object referencing fix (Mark)

	* Features
	    + method strace like feature see orbit-debug.h (Me)
	    + more regression tests & fixes (Me)
		. typecode_equivalent
		. invoking non existant methods
		. objects in structures
		. creating /tmp/orbit-$USER
	    + IDL compiler
		. collapse certain typedefs to const bases (Maciej)
		. dependency tracking (Maciej)
		. full interface type data in complex types (Me, Martin)
	    + typelib-dump utility to list and dump ~ (Me)
	    + locking re-write to use new linc code (Me)
	    + use new linc GIOP IO handling (Me)
	    + any set/get macroification (Mark)

	* Cleans
	    + object key handling re-write & efficiency wins (Mark)
	    + warning fixes (Mark, Darin)
	    + POA code cleanup (Mark)

* Where can I get it ?


 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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