I have put up a new libglade tarball for pre-gnome2.  It is available at:

New since 1.99 include:
  - remove long_name functions such as
    glade_xml_get_widget_from_long_name.  The widget names are required to
    be unique in the glade file, so this is superfluous.
  - Port over Michael's bonobo support.  Support for bonobo (and in the
    future, gnomeui) is loaded dynamically, so you don't need to use a
    different init function.  If libbonoboui is not installed, the module
    won't be built.
  - Fix up glade_xml_get_widget, glade_get_widget_tree, etc so that they
    always return either a valid object or NULL.  If a widget gets
    destroyed, it is removed from the GladeXML object's internal hash
  - Handle the translatable attribute on <property> elements in the glade
    file.  Now libglade handles translations again.

After adding the translation support to libglade2, I started wondering if
specifying the translation domain for a glade file as an argument to
glade_xml_new() was the right idea.

At the moment, you pass the translation domain as the third argument to
glade_xml_new (or pass NULL for the default domain).  The alternative
would be to specify the translation domain as part of the glade file
itself (maybe as an attribute of the toplevel element).  This option would
still require some setup in the C code (a call to bindtextdomain() to set
the directory where translations are found).

Which option sounds better?


Email: james daa com au

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