Re: GNOME CVS: libgnome martin

On Thu, 9 Aug 2001, Alan Cox wrote:

> > So, just to clarify: is the intention to remove sound support totally
> > from the initial GNOME 2.0 release and the platform and then add it at a
> > later point (to GNOME 2.2, perhaps)? If so, does anyone else feel this
> > is a problem? (Especially in light of the reverse in functionality for a
> > major step forward of the platform)
> Does sound have to be part of gnome right now. Because
> most of it can be done via the esd api (yes esd is crap but the api
> can driver anything else that goes boing whizz and whumpf)

the API is probably the worst thing about it, it doesn't give you
the very first thing that even /dev/dsp provides, such as output
queue status information. it's really not decently usable besides
"load server sided sample by file name, 'play' and leak it".
with 'play' being all the glory that esd provides such as reliable


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