Re: libgnome and libgnomeui need a new maintainer

Hi Martin,

On 7 Aug 2001, Martin Baulig wrote:
> in 6 weeks from now, I will be gone and learn for the university - so
> we need to find a new maintainer for libgnome and libgnomeui.

        Dude, I can help with this - I'd hate for you to be pushed out of
the picture by time constraints though.

> There's also plenty of work left to do in libgnome(ui) - especially
> libgnomeui is a very big mess and I'm not happy at all with its API.

        Ok, I've been reviewing the API - and I think if we scale back
what we had planned we can stabilize and release an API quickly. Perhaps I
should have posted my thoughts here; but let's hammer them out between
ourselves first :-) and then we can present a plan of action.



 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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