Re: API freeze release ... status so far.

> My point isn't that we should ditch media support, what I'm saying is
> that the only reason a decision is required now is for a really lame
> bleeping-noises-on-menu-open feature.
> So we can postpone the decision on the big-picture issue.

If the choice is between

1. keeping esound and the gnome_sound api so that bleeps work, but
eventually get rid of it for something better, but keep compatibility
2. get rid of esound and the gnome_sound api, not have bleeps until a
proper media framework is chosen and integrated.

then I would choose #2. If esound and stuff are kept in Gnome 2.0, then
it will have to be there forever, in order to keep compatibility, even
though it seems no one wants to use it. Instead, it seems better to
throw it out and not have bleep sounds for a little bit, until a
framework is chosen. After all, it doesn't hurt to add api, only
remove/change it.

	= Loban

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