Re: Draft GNOME 1.4 schedule

> What about maintainers of packages which are proposed for the GNOME Extras?
> Should we be aiming for similar dates so there can be some kind of
> coordinated release of the extra apps, or is it going to be much more
> uncoordinated than real GNOME releases, simply saying something along the
> lines of "GNOME Extra apps include blah, blah, blah" and leaving versions up
> to the packager?
> Also, when is a finalized GNOME Extras list expected?

We'd like to release the extra apps at or close to the same times as
the main releases of Gnome.  We're wrapping up the list (which right
now is just suggestions that people have made on the list).  I'll
commit this list to CVS in the releng module as well as posting it
here on the mailing list for discussion.  The version will most likely
be the current (latest) version unless there is a reason to go with an
older version.  This might make more sense when I post the list.

Questions, disagreements?  


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