Re: [gnet-dev] Glib Win32 iochannel merge

Yes, since the changes are checked in to HEAD.

Tor averages a release every 6-9 months.  He did his last one in March if I recall correctly. 

In a message dated 6/12/2003 2:54:15 AM Eastern Standard Time, martyn 2 russell bt com writes:

> > Tor is not going to assist and he wants me to create my own 
> > releases for glib on win32. I am not thrilled to do that. If 
> > there are no volunteers I will look into merging back the 
> > change to the 2.2 branch and creating my own release.
> so does this mean that his version of glib on the gimp win32 site he runs,
> will eventually have the changes from cvs, and he will eventually have a
> release with the fixes, or does this mean you have to have your own version
> of glib on another site and maintain it?
> it is unlikely you will find volunteers to get a glib build going on the
> gnet-dev mailing list.  surely it makes sence to submit the patch to tor OR
> cvs commit it if you can yourself and wait for the next build of glib.  i
> would expect the next build of glib to (more than likely) be soon because
> there has also been a release of gtk (2.2.2) in the past week and it
> possible Tor might release an updated version of Glib on 
> his site at the
> same time.
> Regards,
> Martyn
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