RE: [gnet-dev] Glib Win32 iochannel merge

> Tor is not going to assist and he wants me to create my own 
> releases for glib on win32. I am not thrilled to do that. If 
> there are no volunteers I will look into merging back the 
> change to the 2.2 branch and creating my own release.

so does this mean that his version of glib on the gimp win32 site he runs,
will eventually have the changes from cvs, and he will eventually have a
release with the fixes, or does this mean you have to have your own version
of glib on another site and maintain it?

it is unlikely you will find volunteers to get a glib build going on the
gnet-dev mailing list.  surely it makes sence to submit the patch to tor OR
cvs commit it if you can yourself and wait for the next build of glib.  i
would expect the next build of glib to (more than likely) be soon because
there has also been a release of gtk (2.2.2) in the past week and it
possible Tor might release an updated version of Glib on his site at the
same time.


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