Re: [gnet-dev] Gnet with SSL support


>I'm using gnet library in my open source project but I would like to
>support TLS/SSL connections and digital signatures of my messages as
>I just wondering how can I do this and I realized to add
>ssl support to gnet should be the best solution for me.
>Is anybody working on it, or anybody would like to do this? (I found
>something about this plan on list archive, but I'm not sure). What is
>the main developers opinions and suggestions about this work?
>If someone is working on this project I would like to contribute 
>to this work otherwise I try to start it.

i'm currently in the process of writing http support for
gnet and would have started to implement ssl thereafter.

whats actually needed is a method to convert an io-channel into 
a ssl/tls-channel.

i began extracting the relevant source from libsoup to port it 
back into gnet, so if you do not want to start from scratch
i'll send you what i already have to hack on.


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