Re: [gnet] create bindings for C++

Jonas Schrieb <gnetlibrary org schrieb de> writes:

> Hello again.
> Since there doesn't seem to be bindings but I'd like to use gnet with
> C++ (and without extern "C"), I decided to try to make the bindings by
> myself.
> In TODO you can read:
> /----------------------------------------------------------------------
> | - Bindings for other languages
> |
> |     The GTK doc folks are working on a new standard for describing
> |     interfaces.  Use this when it's done.
> \----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Now I'd like to know if this information is still correct. And if so, do
> you know about the status of this standard? How long will it take them
> probably to finish. Will it change a lot and make it foolish to start
> before they've finished?
Hmm, I guess this of quite general interest. The only
(pseudo-standard) way bindings are described right now that I know of
are the auto-generated .def files used by the C++ (gtkmm), Python
(pygtk) and Guile (guile-gobject) folks. I'd really like to know what
this standard is really about, too.

Regards, Andy
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