Re: [gnet-dev] Any plans to move more code to glib2?

What are the advantages of switching to GObject/GError?  I think of
GTcpSocket as more of a GIOChannel than a GObject-thing.  Or is GIOChannel
now derived from GObject?  Ultimately, the question is would using
GObject/GError make GNet significantly better (in functionality) or easier
to use.

If there's huge demand for it, we can switch.  We'd probably create a CVS
branch for a GNet 2.0 and implement it there.


On Wed, 18 Sep 2002, Tassos Bassoukos wrote:

> Hi all,
> are there any plans to support more features of glib2 in future versions
> of gnet? I was thinking of items like using signals for callbacks, GError
> support, making the sockets be GObjects etc.
> All this would make gnet of course glib2 only. Any ideas/objections? I
> would be willing to invest time and effort into this.
> Cheers,
> Tassos

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