[gmime-devel] GMime-2.3.8 released

Released 2.3.8 last night.

Among the changes are:

* InternetAddress is now an abstract GObject base-class. It has only a
'name' member field.

* InternetAddressMailbox is the class you want for normal rfc822 mailbox

* InternetAddressGroup is the rfc822 group address class

* InternetAddressList is no longer a linked list node, it is now a
container object that you can use to manipulate a collection of
InternetAddress objects. Also a GObject class.

* g_mime_message_get_recipients() will now always return a non-NULL
InternetAddressList pointer. Adding addresses to it will auto-magically
update the message object's To/Cc/Bcc headers.

* GMimeContentDisposition is now a GObject.
g_mime_object_set_content_disposition() will add a ref to the
disposition object being set on it, so you'll need to unref the
disposition object after setting it on a GMimeObject - just like all of
the other g_mime_*_set_[gobject]() functions.

* GMimeContentType is also now a GObject. Same as the
GMimeContentDisposition change above.

* Functions that return a GObject pointer no longer ref the GObject they
are returning unless the function is meant to return a newly allocated
GObject (such as g_mime_parser_construct_[part,message]() or any of the
_new() functions).

* Renamed a number of GMimeMultipart methods to remove the extraneous
"_part" in the names. For example, g_mime_multipart_add_part() is now
just g_mime_multipart_add(). g_mime_multipart_add_part_at() has been
renamed to g_mime_multipart_insert() and the order of the arguments has
changed. g_mime_multipart_get_number() has been renamed to


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