Online Glom status: 21 - 25 Hov 2011

This Week

* Worked on wrapping SqlBuilder and SqlExpr instead of working around it

This involved changes in both java-libglom and gwt-glom.

* Created better error messages in the browser when configuration
errors are encountered:

As part of this, I added a manual check if the java-liblgom shared
library is visible to the JVM before making calls into java-libglom. I
needed to add this so that a good error message about the a
mis-configured 'java.library.path' could be displayed. Tomcat wasn't
dealing with the UnsatisfiedLinkError well and I couldn't get access
to the error message in the browser otherwise.

* Changed the flow table to use HTML tables instead of the CSS float
based layout.

This is half done. I still need to use HTML tables for the columns to
fully implement the mockup that I created last week.

* Fixed the re-opened bug about portals overflowing their container widgets:

Next Week

I'm hoping to finish up my work on Online Glom at the end of next
week. I'm going to concentrate on fixing issues with the details view.
If I have time, I'm going to implement the quick find feature.

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